Dome & 10-inch Calver sold by eBayUK auction May 4th 2008

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Si vos opero is in numerus tunc vos operor ignoro is procul totus


400th Anniversary of the refractor
"Constructing a replica of "Old Discoverer"
The Evolution of the Refractor 1608-1683
The Early Refractror's otptical development
400th Anniversary of the refractor
The Early Telescope Power Point show
250th Anniversary of the Achromatic refractor
Appleworks spreadsheet time line of the invention of the achromatic lens
250th Anniversary of the Achromatic refractor
The Achrocmatic Refractor-a History-1758-2008
Comparison Test Three Plossl Eyepiece Types, Brandon, TeleVue, GSO Revelation
[1.9Mb pdf]
A Chronological History of the Smyth Lens
Article by Rodger W. Gordon concerning the use of the Smyth Lens in hyper-wide angle eyepiece design
Refractor image stability & focal ratio
Article concerning theconjecture, "long focal length refractors require less frequent refocussing"
[3.8Mb pdf]

The F/Ratio Conjecture Power Point Show [12.6Mb]

Low Power Huygenian Power Point Show [12.4Mb]

SBIG ST237a cd camera / auto-guider for sale
SBIG ST237a colour ccd camera / autoguider for sale - boxed - as new - with manuals & accessories

Need for star colour magnitude threshold observations
Eyepiece articles
Eyepiece Evolution Tree Diagram
H-alpha Solar Filters
Quantum 6 -Maksutov-Cassegrain sold

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